Top 8 most original wine-based cocktails

If the vacations had a taste, it could definitely be a cocktail! So what could be better than a wine-based cocktail to celebrate this beautiful season? Here is our selection of the 8 most original wine-based cocktails, rosé, red, white and sparkling!

Cocktails with sparkling wine

Royal Mojito

How to upgrade the most famous cocktail? By replacing sparkling water with champagne!

Sparkling wine-based cocktails : Royal Mojito

The Rossini

Easy to make, this cocktail is a treat that can be enjoyed by replacing the prosecco with champagne. It is a bit like the little brother of the Bellini, in which the peach puree replaces the strawberry.

Rosé wine-based cocktails

Pink Sangria

A lighter version of the famous sangria based on red wine. A cocktail here based on a fresh, fruity and very summery rosé wine.

Rosé wine-based cocktails: Sangria Rosa

Grapefruit Rosé

Grapefruit rosé is a hit on summer party tables. So why not make it yourself?

White wine-based cocktails


A drink born in Germany and which traveled to Venice. This white wine based cocktail is said to be the origin of the emblematic and famous Spritz.

White wine-based cocktails: Spritzer

The « Jacqueline »

Particularly popular in the south of France where it is nicknamed Jaja, this cocktail is fresh with a touch of sweetness.

Red wine-based cocktails

Caipirinha de Vinho

This cocktail is a mix between France and Brazil! The most famous cocktail of Copacabana, associated with the most symbolic drink of France. Deliciously surprising by its balance between freshness and power.


It is pronounced “Kalimotcho.” A real culture clash in this cocktail composed of 50% red wine and 50%… coca-cola! Why not try this improbable mix, adding ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Red wine-based cocktails: Kalimotxo

And you, what is your favorite wine-based cocktail?

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