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Wine and Business

Wine is a star product in France and all over the world. In some countries, wine is associated with social status. The wine market generates billions of euros every year and is a real source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs. The wine business is also growing as new products and services, new concepts around wine emerge, including new ways of producing, selling, buying and consuming wine. Through our articles, we also explore the world of wine from a commercial and financial point of view.

Climate change boosts UK wine industry

The British weather, is not known for being appropriate for wine growing. Now with the climate change, the UK wine industry is about to rise.

Romanée Conti, a mythical wine among the most expensive in the...

Romanée Conti, the mythical wine of Burgundy but also one of the most expensive in the world! A dream for wine lovers and investors

Petrus, one of the most expensive wines in the world

Petrus is certainly one of the most famous wines in the world, but also the most expensive! Focus on this exceptional Pomerol wine

Liber Pater, the most expensive wine in the world?

Liber Pater is one of the most expensive wines in the world. Its promise: to be the only one to have the true taste of Bordeaux wines!

Top 10 most expensive wines in the world!

The most expensive wines in the world have something to make us dream... especially their price! Here are the top 10.

The wine market: trends and evolutions

What is the trend in the wine market and what are the developments that have emerged in these past months that have revolutionized the world?

The wine professions

From the selection of grape varieties to the service, through cultivation and sales, we offer you an overview of the wine professions.

Organic wine: will all wineries convert to organic?

The number of wineries in organic conversion is constantly increasing. An overview of the motivations and difficulties of this transition.

Aveine: what does a startup in wine look like?

Today is Startup Day. So once is not customary, we will use the opportunity of this day to talk about a startup that we like: ours, Aveine!

What is the place of wine in China?

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, we looked at the place that wine holds in China, and the place that China holds in the world of wine.
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