The most beautiful vineyards of the French Riviera

With the return of summer, at Aveine we are like you, we want to escape. Welcome to the French Riviera, known for its many vineyards and its quality rosés. Discover beautiful places in a natural environment that is just as spectacular. In this article, we present you our favorites.

The Château de Brégançon

It is located on a promontory in Bormes-les-Mimosas, facing the islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros. The cultivation of vines occupies 52 hectares but the property covers 450 hectares. The production of rosé is the main activity of the Château. Indeed, it represents 60% of the total production. Red wine accounts for 30% of the production and white wine for 10%.

The natural environment and the proximity of the sea have a significant impact on the character of the Château’s wines, adding a note of iodine. We recommend that you book a visit to the cellar to learn about the history of this magnificent château and to taste the wines.

The Château de Berne

The domain of Château de Berne is located in the Haut Var and enjoys a continental climate. This gives the production of structured wines, which are of a very good quality.

The property extends over 500 hectares in a magnificent natural wooded environment. The vineyard rests on a limestone base and represents almost 120 hectares. Many grape varieties are grown here thanks to the impressive diversity of the soils. We find Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache but also Carignan for example. The establishment is very luxurious and worth a visit. You can plan a visit of the cellar, or other tours according to your desires. We also invite you to discover the gastronomic restaurant or to stay in the superb 5 star hotel of the property.

The Commanderie de Peyrassol

Created in the 13th century, the Commanderie de Peyrassol covers an area of 950 hectares. In the heart of a sumptuous natural setting populated by oaks and olive groves, one discovers nearly 100 hectares of vineyards. One must climb to an altitude of 330m on the foothills of the Massif des Maures to see this vineyard. The first vines were planted there more than 800 years ago!

Today, more than 10 grape varieties are grown to produce rosé, red and white wines. Very refined, they represent the very essence of Provence.

The establishment offers visits of the cellar which will lead you to a tasting. It also provides packages to escape between wine and gastronomy in the heart of Provence.

The Domaine of the Porquerolles island

The vineyards of the Domaine are located on the beautiful island of Porquerolles. They present a superb natural environment with a clear blue sea and varied landscapes. The vineyards cover 34 hectares. The soil of the island is very rich and allows the cultivation of grape varieties that bring a touch of uniqueness to the wines. These are numerous and we find for example the Syrah, the Grenache, the Mourvèdre, or the Cinsault. The wines produced are very pleasant in the mouth and we find red wines, rosés but also whites. Moreover, the domain organizes tastings all year long. We highly recommend you to spend some time on this beautiful island. It will be the occasion, for once, to face the French Riviera.

We wish you a nice visit through all these vineyards and a good stay in the French Riviera!


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