The best wine applications of the moment : top 10 !

Today we are going to reveal you our 10 favorite applications related to the wine world ! The ones that are the most known, the most used, but also the most efficient… or the most promising! What is important to note is that the purpose of these applications can differ from one to another : from the application allowing to know the consumer opinions on the tasted wines to the cellar management, through the quotations, the novelties, without forgetting the educational side… the choice is vast!

Here is our review of the 10 best wine applications of the moment

1 . Vivino, the number 1 of the wine applications  

Vivino is undoubtedly the number 1 app in the world today ! With a vast community of over 50 million users, the app has become a reflex for many wine lovers.

You must have already hesitated in front of the wine section of your supermarket or at your wine shop. When a bottle is unknown to you and you want to make the best choice, the Vivino application allows you to see the rating and the tasting comments given by the community. To access these information, nothing could be easier, just scan the label. Then, once you have tasted the chosen wine, you can in turn leave a review on the application.

The little extra of the application, a purchase platform that allows you to order your favorite bottles. This application has really established itself as a leader in wine applications !

2 . Wine-Searcher

Wine-Searcher is another cult app, globally recognized as the leading app for searching wines around the world. You can also search for beers and spirits, making it a very complete app. Just like Vivino, you just have to scan the label of your bottle to get information. You can also rate your wine (beer or spirit) after tasting it and thus participate in the overall rating given by the Wine-Searcher community.

The plus of the application, a price comparator that allows you to find the best prices ! You can thus go to the wine shop near you, proposed by the application or buy online directly on hundreds of purchase platforms. Wine-Searcher is like the Google of wine !

3 . Idealwine

Idealwine is a French application well anchored in the world of the wine. Two major aspects characterize its success.

First, the application has a unique concept, since it allows you to bid on different lots with bottles as numerous as they are varied: mythical Crus, old vintages, atypical wines and even spirits ! The application is a wealth of information to make the right investments. The Idealwine encyclopedia allows you to learn more about the different wine regions of the world and also offers a vintage rating table.

Then, Idealwine is also an application that allows you to know the vaue of certain bottles. The value is calculated according to the different known auctions, whether they are indoor or online with a history of several decades… If you are tempted by the concept, you don’t need to leave all your savings there ! It is quite possible to invest in lots for less than 10 euros. This application is a must have if you want to invest in beautiful bottles!

4 . Wine Advisor

Wine Adivsor is a model developed according to the standards of applications like Vivino, to rate the wines we taste. The difference is that this application can be seen as a wine social network ! Indeed, once your profile is created you can follow other users and create your own community by having subscribers.

You now know the principle, once the label is scanned, you can access various information, tips for storage, the aging potential and comments from other members of the application. You can then share your impressions with your subscribers. Each scanned wine is saved on your profile, creating a tasting history that you can access at any time!

A nice addition ? Many food and wine pairings are also mentioned !

5. Abacchus, to learn about wine !

Abacchus is a fun application, ideal for learning about wine. Quizzes with more than 3 000 questions of all levels, allow you to test your knowledge on the wine world. All subjects are covered, from viticulture to wine making, including regions, appellations, tasting and even legislation ! The numerous flash cards available on various subjects are ideal to perfect your knowledge on wine !

6 . Vinidaily, meet the perfect wine

Vinidaily is a very promising application with a concept inspired by dating applications. Except that with Vinidaily, you will meet … the ideal wine! Through the tastes and preferences that you will have filled in your profile, the app will be able to suggest the wines that would be most likely to please you!

It also works in your supermarket ! Planning a dinner ? Fill in the dish you want to accompany with a good bottle as well as your budget and then take a picture of the wine shelf. Vinidaily will then suggest you several choices among the available references. To be continued!

7 . PLOC, the wine cellar manager application

Ploc is an application that allows you to better manage your stock without having to handle all your bottles. Intuitive and ergonomic, the application allows you to easily follow the activity of your cellar in a chronological way. So you can easily find your way through your additions, your tastings and your bottle releases. Ploc also allows you to draw your cellar and thus visualize its composition and layout to optimize your storage and locate your bottles easily. Of course, you can add personalized wine cards to better find your way around. The application also has a tasting notebook tool to keep track of your favorites (or your disappointments).

What’s the best thing about the application ? You can import your Vivino data to be sure to find all your references !

8 . La Revue des Vins de France

The Revue des Vins de France, the famous RVF, is the most famous French specialized magazine in the wine world. The application gathers all the articles available on the website, but also the records of the former magazines and “Green Guides”. A real wealth of information available in a flash, essential for wine lovers.

The application also allows access to the RVF database. This database contains no less than 10,000 wines rated and commented by French wine experts. Enough to make the right choices !

9. SommNinja : the wine application for sommeliers and wine students

This application is gaining in power and seduced us by its playful side. Created by Julie Dupouy, best Sommelier Ireland on many occasions, you have the possibility to work on your knowledge in the wine world. Choose from a rich array of topics : 15 broad subjects with over 10,000 flashcards at all levels ! An ideal application for those who wish to take part in sommelier competitions, or if you are preparing a diploma in the world of wine (WSET or other).

10. Dans ma bouteille

The trend is no longer towards quantity but towards quality and consumers are demanding more transparency. Back labels for wine (and alcohol in general), unlike other food products, do not display ingredients or nutritional qualities. Dans ma bouteille is the first wine application that advocates for transparency on the ingredients and additives used in the production of alcoholic beverages. This application is like the Yuka of wine!

Bonus : Aveine

And best of all, when talking about wine applications, don’t forget us, Aveine ! The goal of our application is to offer you the best possible experience with your wines by suggesting a specifically studied aeration. The application is based on the recognition of different labels. 

How does it work ? You just have to scan your bottle to get an optimal aeration advice to enjoy your wine. If you are the lucky owner of an Aveine aerator, once connected to the application, it will be automatically calibrated with the right aeration time. All you have to do is serve the wine and enjoy. If your wine is not yet listed in the database, you can still get the right aeration time in just a few seconds. The algorithm will be able to calculate it from the few pieces of information present on the label such as the domain, the vintage, the appellation and the grape variety. Our application is the perfect link between digital and the wine you will find in your glass !


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