Accueil How to choose your wine ?

How to choose your wine ?

How to choose your wine when you don’t know much about it? How to choose your wine for an event? Wine is a drink for all occasions. But you will not have the same expectations according to the moment, the season, the place, the atmosphere… Anyway, choosing your wine is not always easy. And even if, for Aveine, wine is above all a question of taste, there are full proof methods to choose a wine that you will enjoy to its full potential. In our articles, we will explore the choice of wine according to the moment of course. But also, according to the film you are watching or the music you are listening to!

What is orange wine?

What is orange wine? All the information in this article to know everything about this white wine with a specific vinification and flavors

All about Clairette de Die

Discover the Clairette de Die, a sweet sparkling white wine AOC from the Drôme Valley, with fruity and floral aromas.

Stephen King: which wines to pair with his most terrifying books?

Halloween is coming! Let's take a look at Stephen King's most chilling tales, and the wines that would go with them!

Which wine should you drink if you don’t have a vacation?

Here is a selection of wines to taste when you stay at home during the vacations! Be brave, you will leave out of season!

Wine and barbecue: basic rules and tips

Feel like a barbecue? We tell you which wines to choose and give you our top 3 to make your barbecue a success!

6 preconceived ideas and rules about wine that you can break

Today we are reviewing 6 obsolete rules and preconceived ideas about wine that you are officially allowed to break!

Top 8 most original wine-based cocktails

What better way to celebrate summer than with a wine-based cocktail? Here is our selection of 8 original cocktails !

Tannins: definition, origins and vocabulary

Let's go to chemistry class today, where we'll talk about these special molecules present in wine: tannins!

Brunch: What wines can we drink?

A life without brunch is not worth living. And what about a meal without wine? From fruit to toast to sausage, here's...

Wine and chocolate pairings

This week, Aveine offers you a selection of wine and chocolate pairings. Attention article addressed to wine and food lovers!
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