5 strange things to do with leftover wine

For those of you who love wine (everyone, that is), but never finish a bottle, here are five strange ways to put your leftover wine to good use.

Keep your plants happy

Wine makes everything a little better! Instead of throwing away leftover wine that no longer suits your sophisticated palate, use it to fertilize your plants. Pour your leftover wine into your compost pile, it will improve the impact of good bacteria. You’ll feel like you’ve done something good for the environment, and your garden will be better off. Everyone wins!

leftover wine

Do good to your skin

Red wine is good for your skin! Pour a cup (or two) into your next bath and let the precious liquid soften your skin! While you’re at it, enjoy a glass during this relaxing moment too!

Cook eggs, champenoise style

If you have a stale sparkling white wine like Prosecco or champagne, bring it to a boil and poach the eggs in it. Your dish will look 100 times fancier with the addition of champagne. A pleasure for the palate guaranteed!

Get rid of small bugs

This tip will come in handy this summer with the arrival of mosquitoes and other wasps. Leave a little wine in a small cup on a corner of the table, the small insects will prefer the wine to the leftovers and will be trapped in the liquid.

Rub your products with wine

Fruits and vegetables can harbor nasty little bacteria, so health officials generally recommend washing them well, especially if you don’t plan to cook them. Put wine in a spray bottle, and use it to clean your fruits and vegetables. The alcohol in the wine helps kill those potentially harmful bacteria.

If you don’t like to waste and tend to finish your bottle, however, you can recycle the crates and bottles for your decor!

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