Netflix: which wine to drink while watching your favorite series?

The new trend is a good Netflix evening. But we’re not going to deprive ourselves of a good glass of wine with it. So here is our top Netflix series, and the wine to drink with each one.

Which wine to drink while watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix?

Netflix: Orange is The New Black

For this one, we couldn’t resist: it will be an orange wine! We choose a Kisi 2016 from Okro’s wines. It offers an ample and elegant palate with a finish that reveals aromas of dried fruit and caramel.

What to drink while watching Stranger Things?

Netflix: Stranger Things

To watch Stranger Things, we looked for a wine that would go perfectly with the paranormal and mysterious atmosphere of this show. And guess what, we found the perfect match: Monsters, Monsters, Attack! , a beautiful Riesling from Clare Valley in Australia. A “terrific” wine that will perfectly fit with the adventures of the kids of Stranger Things.

Which wine to drink while watching Netflix’s Narcos?

Netflix: Narcos

To pair with the series about the world’s greatest trafficker, you need a special wine. So, we chose a Mexican wine of course. This one comes from Casa Madero, the oldest wine estate in America. A particularly prestigious wine, therefore. Their red Gran Reserva Seleccion de Barricas is superb. Indeed, the palate is distinguished and the tannins silky, which gives a particularly balanced wine.

What to drink while watching Mindhunter?

Netflix: Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a series where psychological violence is particularly present. So, you need a strong wine to withstand the pressure. You can choose a Californian Zinfandel. The one of the Greenough Family from Saucelito Canyon is a must try!

Which wine with the emblematic series of Netflix: House of Cards?

Netflix: House of Cards

Probably the most emblematic series produced by Netflix. Not only because of its distribution, but also because it is the very first series produced by the platform. For Frank and Claire Underwood, we will serve a wine that reflects their image: prestigious and powerful. Let’s go to Pauillac and taste a Château Latour. It’s a bit pricy, but nothing is too beautiful or too expensive in the conquest of the White House.

What to drink while watching Dark?

Netflix: Dark

If you don’t know Dark, a German series produced by Netflix, we strongly advise you to get started! Season 2 is about to start! And, while you’re at it, enjoy a German wine while watching! Choose Schlossgut Diel, one of the most famous in the Nahe region. Their Dry Riesling is wonderful.

There are plenty of good wine pairing with the best series on Netflix!

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