How to aerate a wine? The different aeration techniques!

There are many techniques to aerate a wine, to allow its bouquet to open up and develop its aromas. Some are very basic and others are more innovative. After we explained why you should aerate the wine, we will tell you how to aerate a wine and present the different aeration techniques you can use!

Aeration by uncorking the bottle

Uncorking a bottle

Simply uncork the bottle several hours before tasting. This enables the oxygen to come into contact with the wine. As the oxygen passes through the reduced size of the neck, aeration will happen gradually. To find out how much time in advance you need to open your bottle, download the Aveine application (IOS or android). By scanning the label of the wine, you will know immediately, the required time of aeration.

Aeration with a carafe

To aerate with a carafe

Decanting your wine is a simple and effective technique to aerate your wine. Simply pour the wine into a carafe with a flared neck: this gives a large surface area through which oxygen can pass. It is hard to know how much time in advance to aerate your wine with a carafe. Beware, too much aeration of a wine can harm it. The carafe quickly aerates the wine without any possible backward step!

Aeration in the glass

Aeration by the glass

You’ve probably already noticed that the end of your drink tasted better than the first sip. As you might expect now, it’s because the wine has aerated there. If you feel that your wine is too “closed”, you can speed up this aeration by gently swirling the wine in your glass. This will help it to release its aromas. The surface that will be in contact with oxygen is relatively large and will provide rapid oxygenation of the wine in the glass. A pleasant way to taste your wine and feel it evolve. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to wait a long time, and turn, and turn …

Aeration with a wine aerator

How to aerate wine? Withe a Smart Wine Aerator

Many techniques are available to aerate the wine and there are many aerators on the market. These are often “on/off”. Either they aerate or they do not aerate. Of course, we advise you to use the Smart Wine Aerator, by Aveine, which is adjustable and thanks to which you can aerate any wine instantly and perfectly. Indeed, the aerator remains the simplest tool to aerate wine.

To find your way around the many aerators on the market, we explain everything in this article.


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