Wine and basketball at the worldcup

Basketball world cup is always an event, espacialy since the 1992 Dream Team. But basketball is worldwide now so, who from Serbia, Spain, Greece, France or Australia can stand up to them? Hard to say, but probably no one. As we love basketball, we made a wine selection for the basketball world cup!

(almost) Chinese wine

Yao Ming and his wine

China being the host country of the 2019 competition, we had to honour it! And we can only advise you to try one of the wines of Yao Family Wines, owned by the greatest representative of basketball in China: Yao Ming. Its Cabernet Sauvignon is superb, with magnificent aromas of red fruits.

American wine

Dwayne Wade in his vinyard

It is difficult to choose among the splendid wines of Nappa Valley. So, we thought we’d stay on the theme of “basketball» and offer you to taste one of Dwayne Wade’s wines! We recommend the 2015 Napa Valley Three by Wade Red Blend. Once a little aired, it reveals notes of exotic flowers. Fascinating.

Serbian wine

Tonkovic Winery

Serbia is the big favourite of the competition behind the USA, but it is also a historical wine country! Indeed, the first vines in Serbia are dated back to the time of the Roman Empire. We can only recommend a wine from Tonkovic Winery to familiarize you with Serbia. This estate tries to highlight an emblematic grape variety of the region: Kadarka. Thus, the Kadarka Fantazija is particularly elegant and refined.

Spanish wine

Spanish wine

Third biggest wine producer in the world, and eternal favourites of the competition, we must propose a Spanish wine to drink while watching the world cup. We advise you to enjoy a glass of Cune Reserva 2014. The Cune cellar is one of the greatest names from the Rioja region.

Greek wine

Saint George Nemea winery

When you have the world’s best player on your team, aka Giannis Antetokounmpo, you can’t be taken lightly. Greece are therefore looking forward to be a particularly dangerous team this year. So, enjoy a glass of Saint George Nemea 2015 dry red wine, and immerse yourself in the Greek atmosphere!

Australian wine

Grand Burge winery

First team to beat the USA in 13 years, Australia deserves a tribute. Especially for its wine! We advise you to try a Grand Burge, from the Barossa Valley. The Filsell Shiraz comes from vines that are almost a hundred years old and it takes several years for them to reach the maximum of their potential.

Coming back to this article … And France is now the second team to beat the US national basketball team! So we can celebrate with a nice wine properly aerated with Aveine!


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