Wine or Beer? Make your choice!

Are you a wine or a beer drinker? When we ask the question, we often notice that groups are formed between the “winelovers” and the beer enthusiasts. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that everyone likes to go and pick up a drink from the neighbor!

Wine and beer, differences and similarities

Tasting a wine and tasting a beer are both very similar and very different! Even if the steps remain the same, visual-nose-mouth, we will focus on different elements. The container is not the same and you will need a glass adapted to the style of wine or beer you choose.

Visual appearance

The appreciation of the color will be a strong indicator for both, and for the beer the texture of the foam, its hue, its duration will allow to appreciate a good part of its quality.

In wines, the robe is also appreciated and evolves according to the years. It will be particularly decisive for sparkling wines, where in addition to judging the color and intensity, we can focus on the bubble’s hold, its finesse, and also appreciate the possible formation of foam.

On the other hand, where a “troubled” wine is quickly associated with a defect, for beer we are more tolerant because there are many styles related to unfiltered beers. Note that this trend is increasingly coming to the world of wine as well!

The flavors in the nose and mouth

In relation to the olfactory and gustatory parts, we will search in the same way for the different families of aromas that the beer or wine may contain. The repertoire can be very large depending on the complexity of what you are tasting. Of course, in a general way, the families of fruits can be different between a red wine in which you will quickly find fruity notes; and a beer in which you will perceive more generally notes of cereals, hop. However, it is important to say that there is a wide range of flavors in both families that will make you take off in an enchanting register!

The texture will be a fundamental element to appreciate a beer but don’t be mistaken, it is also the case for a wine. Indeed, what could be more delightful than to feel in the mouth the effect of a velvet carpet on which a basket of fruit has been placed? Some will answer: a good beer with a delicate bitterness and a cloud-like foam!

Wine and beer, fundamental differences

By referring to the official definitions we have a beginning of answer:

  • Wine is “an alcoholic beverage made exclusively from the alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes or fresh grape juice”.
  • Beer is “a beverage obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of a wort prepared from a certain proportion of cereal malt” (e.g. barley, rice, corn etc.).

The differences in alcohol level are also to be taken into account. The alcohol content of a beer is usually around 5% vol. For a still wine we are around 12.5-13% vol. Of course you have exceptions in both families.

Wine and beer, differences in processes

Water is used in the brewing process of a beer. It is added. For wine there is no need for this addition since the water is already present in the pulp of the grapes.

The wine can have many options such as Malolactic Fermentation. In both cases, the fermentation temperatures have an impact on the final result.

There is a craze for craft beers. There are a lot of tutorials to make your own beer. Processes that can be simple or more technical, but which remain on the whole more affordable than for the elaboration of wine. Wine requires special and constant attention to the freshness of the grapes. With a longer preparation time, and an important amount of very expensive equipment.

Wine or beer?

Choosing will depend on your tastes. If you are sensitive to bitterness and it is not something you like, you will find it easier to find your happiness in wines.

If bitterness is something you like, then beers will be more to your taste. In both cases, varying the pleasures will broaden your horizon. Many wine tasters like to end their day with a “good beer! “

It could be depending on the occasion, although both drinks come in a wide variety of styles. And both drinks can support nice culinary pairings. It is true that this aspect is more developed in the wine world. However, it is still possible to enjoy both. Depending on the dish and of course on your personal preferences.

Or Wine and Beer!

Some offer wine and beer hybrids where hops and grape must are fermented together. This can work, even if others will tell you that you are drowning out the identity of each style. What matters is what you enjoy. Some great wineries produce their own beer and are happy to let their visitors taste it! It’s all a matter of taste and occasion!

To finish, we will perhaps remember the pseudo beliefs between the more stilted attitude between the “chic” parties of the wine world. And the beer which would be rather an “after work” drink. But instead of talking about the drinks here, perhaps we should talk about those who drink them? Because there’s everything here again! One thing is sure, if you stop by Aveine, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere, whatever the drink!


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