Best Wine Accessories : Top 15 !

Wine is best appreciated with the right equipment. There are many tools and gadgets for any enthusiastic wine lover to build a collection, but what are the best wine accessories? After all, the category is huge !

Let’s say it aloud: Not all wine accessories are helpful, and some are downright silly. Still, some can enhance your wine tasting experience and make your time around the table more enjoyable. Here are the 15 best wine accessories for amateur wine lovers and connoisseurs alike. What are your favorite wine accessories? Let us know if we missed them!

1. Waiter’s Corkscrew

The most crucial of wine accessories and one that can’t be beaten. Thanks to its two-step mechanism, the waiter’s corkscrew is easy to use, and rarely fails; it also fits in your pocket. Some corkscrews cost one dollar, and others cost hundreds, but they all do what they’re supposed to do: pull corks.

Forget about electric corkscrews and other fancy gadgets, a straightforward waiter’s friend is all you need to start enjoying wine; they’re every wine lover’s best friend, too!

2. Two-Prong Cork Puller

Although we use our waiter’s corkscrew 99% of the time, we all find ourselves struggling to remove a stubborn cork from time to time. A two-prong cork puller is right for you if the cork is too crumbly or too tight.

Insert the prongs embracing the cork and pull while you twist. Even the crumbliest of corks can’t resist the pulling force of this apparently simple wine accessory. These are collectible items, so add a couple of cork pullers to your collection of wine accessories.

3. Coravin

Coravin is the most sophisticated wine preservation system and one of the most famous wine accessories. It allows you to extract wine with a surgical needle without needing to remove the cork, something particularly useful if you want to make your wine collection last longer.

There are several Coravin models, and although none are inexpensive, they’re worth every penny, notably if you want to extend your wine’s shelf life. Forget about leftover wine and join the Coravin craze. This is high-tech put to good use if you ask us.

4. Bottle Carriers

Bottle carriers are fantastic wine accessories and lovely gifts for wine lovers. Taking your favorite wine with you while keeping it safe is not too much to ask, and bottle carriers come in all sizes, so there’s undoubtedly one for you.

Some bottle carriers are soft, while others are made with hard plastic to withstand even the roughest rides. Ensure you can carry at least a couple of bottles with you confidently and take your love for wine wherever you go.

5. Decanters

Decanters are an obvious choice here since they’re a vital wine accessory every wine enthusiast should have. Having said that, not everyone knows how to use a decanter.

There are two reasons for decanting wine. The first one is removing sediments that precipitate to the bottom of the bottle after extended aging, and that’s for age-worthy red wines only. The second one is to “open” the wine and allow it to breathe. This works for red, white and even rosé. A standard-shaped decanter is all you need, nothing too fancy.

6. Aerators

Aerators vary widely, but they all allow the wine to be in contact with the air as you pour, making it more intensely aromatic and pleasing. Not all wines benefit from aeration, but most do, whether young or well-aged, red or white.

Having an aerator is not indispensable at all, but they’re nice to have around, especially when you face a particularly shy wine. Aerators are also often beautiful pieces, and they can give some flair to your wine service. Try an aerator and see if it works for you.

To aerate your wine in a precise and instantaneous way, we invite you to discover the Aveine aerator !

7. Air Pump

Once you open a bottle of wine, it starts to oxidize. Bacteria also find their way into the bottle and turn the wine into vinegar. That’s why leftover wine is only suitable for a few days, while you can store an unopened bottle for years!

If you have leftover wine, use a decent bottle stopper that comes with an air pump. Many air pumps are available, and they all work differently; still, they all keep the wine safe from oxygen, at least for a little while.

8. Strainers

If you’re into wine, getting a small filter is more useful than you think. Faulty corks, often too crumbly to be pulled out without making a mess, are common, and those tiny bits of cork can ruin your wine experience entirely.

Straining or filtering your wine is a great way to remove floating bits of cork and other sediments. Since there aren’t many strainers in the wine accessory market, look for them in the tea department. Basket tea infusers are wonderful wine filters.

9. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Stainless steel is not only for wine tanks ! Adding ice to your glass of wine is a big no-no since the ice dilutes the wine’s flavor and acidity. Still, this doesn’t stop people worldwide from dropping a few ice cubes into their stemware, and that’s okay.

What if you could cool down your wine without the dilution? Say hello to stainless steel ice cubes. Store these shiny metallic cubes in the freezer and offer them around. No, this is not conventional in any way, but times change, and we should, too.

10. Wine Label Removers

This might just be the coolest wine accessory, even if these sticker removers don’t look like much. Wine label removers are transparent plastic sheets with strong adhesive. Stick them over your bottle’s label and watch them remove the paper neatly.

Collect your favorite wine labels and build an album. After all, every bottle shared with your loved ones is a memory you can return to later. Not all labels might be worth preserving, but some undoubtedly are! Collecting wine labels is a fun hobby.

11. Ice Buckets

This might sound like a dull wine accessory, but if you entertain often, this one is a game-changer. Sparkling, rosé and white wine are best enjoyed chilled — the colder, the better. Even red wine can benefit from a lower temperature, and that’s where ice buckets come in.

All restaurants have ice buckets, but it takes time for wine enthusiasts to realize they need one too! Sure, there are many sophisticated wine cooling covers and the likes, but nothing beats a bucket filled with ice water and fresh ice.

Wine accessories
Wine accessories

12. Wine Racks

Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes. Some hang from the wall, and others are beautiful centerpieces for the dining table. Racks are more than efficient ways of storing wine; they’re often fun to look at and a great way to show off your favorite labels.

The problem with wine racks is that they don’t provide the proper wine storage conditions in terms of temperature and humidity, so put some thought into where to put yours. Of course, you can get a wine storage unit instead.

13. Wine Storage Unit

More than an accessory, wine storage units are appliances, but still. Every wine lover eventually gravitates towards a wine refrigerator or similar. After all, wine is delicate, and storing it under the right conditions is the only way to guarantee it is in good shape when you’re ready to pour it.

Storage units can be as small as to hold 4-6 bottles or as large as a regular fridge. And although not precisely inexpensive, they’re always a brilliant investment, especially if you enjoy high-end wine often.

14. Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

As you know, sparkling wine releases carbon dioxide, enough to pop out a regular cork or bottle stopper — that’s why producers seal their bottles with a wire cage or muselet.

In the rare case you have leftover sparkling wine, you need the right bottle stopper to prevent the wine from going flat. Sparkling wine bottle stoppers come with a pair of clamps that prevent the pressure from popping out the stopper. You need one of these, especially if you like bubbles!

15. Proper Wine Glasses

Are wine glasses accessories? We’re not sure, but we can’t enlist the best wine accessories without mentioning a set of proper wine glasses. And by appropriate, we don’t even mean expensive. Ensure your wine glasses are made of crystal and are large enough for the wine style you enjoy the most.

Wine glasses can elevate your wine drinking experience and make your get-togethers more memorable. Invest in a few good wine glasses before considering getting any of the wine accessories above!

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the wine accessories on this list can take your wine drinking game to the next level. Some might not be as flashy, but they can make your life easier and your tasting sessions much more fun — you’ll look more professional, too.

When it comes to wine, we all have our preferences, but if there’s something valid for every wine lover, we all get better at it, one bottle at a time. Wine knowledge is a great way to enhance friendships and create memories. Pop open a bottle of wine, call some friends over and show off your new wine accessories!


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